• No. 47 (15 January 2003) 2003 -- Peace Or War?: Thoughts of turmoil in the part of the world where old roses originated. A long list of contributors to The Rosebank Letter in 2002 is given, and also a trail across the continent, and beyond, of places readers live. The editor reports gifts of money for N-R-C. Reader Response: A look at mail received. Dr Svejda thanks readers who reported to her on 'Frontenac'. There is comment on the drought of summer 2002. And Christine Allen reports she has been inspired to collect Preston roses. And much more. Robert H. Keith: an obituary. Notice Of Roselink Consolidation: Readers are asked to verify their Roselink listing is up-to-date. The/Le JOURNAL of/de la N-R-C. Journal Feedback: Three important readers congratulate the appearance of The/Le Journal. Growing Roses In SK: A brand new book by Brian Porter of Regina has been published by the Saskatchewan Rose Society as a fund raiser. A review of the book is given and an exhortation to buy. A P.E.I. Rose History: The late Dr Gordon Lea wrote a small book before he died on the development of the PEI Rose Society. It tells of the year they hosted the national show. And more. There is a long trailer on what came to light as a consequence of reading this book. Rose Classification: This is the first part of a series of articles that is being undertaken on the difficult subject of the different systems of rose classification and the merits or faults of each. (The editor has been called to speak on the subject at the SRQRS in Montréal on 11 March.) A Bouquet Of Lost Canadian Roses: Edward Ozog of the Langford Rose Gardens near Brantford, Ontario, tells of some startling discoveries he has made recently. Once again, lost Canadian bred roses are found abroad. His winter garden is pictured; and so is his visit with Claire Laberge in Montréal. Supreme Court Gives Green Light: The ramifications of the Court's decision to protect the right of municipalities to regulate use of pesticides is explored. More On Insect Resistance: Correspondence between Kent Krugh of Fairfield, Ohio, and Dr Svejda which this bimonthly catalyzed. Progress At Langford: Edward Ozog gives an account of how his rose collection has fared over the past year. Also some of the surprising things he learned. Photo: 'Henry Kelsey', 'John Cabot' and Elizabeth Heimbecker pose in Calgary.