• No. 45 (15 September 2002) -- Bugnet Sisters Visit Brooks: Shelley Barkley of the Alberta government's station in Brooks, writes of the visit they had from two of Georges Bugnet's grown daughters. The trailer to the piece explains the financial predicament at the station, and adds recently acquired information about the Bugnet family provided by Dr Leon Dumaine of Airdrie, Alberta. Seventh Anniversary: The editor looks forward to evolution of the bimonthly. Reader Response: Another peek into the editor's mailbag. Included is a letter from a scientist at an Abbotsford lab thanking this newsletter for articles needed on rose midge and downy mildew. Many other human interest stories. My Canada: Hay rolls west, and Jan Phillips and Lucien Migneault visit the Roserie de Témiscouata in Cabano, Québec. Sheena Caldwell: an obituary. Oregon Adventure: Eileen Young of London found a specimen of Rosa banksia lutea in Portland, Oregon. (Her husband, Cal, found a rare meteorite on the beach in Southampton, Ontario.) The/Le JOURNAL of/de la NATIONAL-ROSES-CANADA. Insect Resistance: Insecticides generally degrade the environment and in the end we wind up killing ourselves. We should give the job to plant geneticists to develop resistance in roses. Growing Roses In Containers: Raymond Hopkins of Stoney Creek, Ontario, tells of his experiments respecting soil sickness. Perfume: The loss of perfume in roses is probably because there is no reward for perfume in rose shows. Where Are The Roses?: Paul Olsen sojourning in Saskatoon suggests five reasons why there are few roses in this city. Les Quatre Vents: A review of the new book: The Greater Perfection by Francis H. Cabot. His marvellous gardens at Malbaie, Québec, are the subject of his wonderfully descriptive book. Rain Water: Basil Kelly of London describes exactly how to save rainwater for the rose garden. Journal Feedback And A Tribute: Compliments on the advent of the Journal and the highest tribute to Audrey Brisbane of Brentwood Bay, B.C. William Intven: an obituary. Photos of R. banksiae lutea, 'Rosebud' Robinson, and Sarah and Basil Kelley, are included. Decline: George Pagowski, president of CRS, reports its decline. Similar fall-off is reported for the RNRS. The only passion shown in the rose world is revealed. Milk For Mildew: Arnold Pittao of Lloydminster forwarded an article on how milk has been found to protect some plants against powdery mildew. 'Roseraie De L'Hay': 100: Francois Joyaux writing in Rosa Gallica No. 16 notes that this rose is a century old this year.