• No. 44 (15 Jul 2002) - My Long Term Culling Program: Donald Heimbecker of Calgary describes how he trashes rose bushes that don't produce a certain number of blooms in a season, and replaces them. It Worked: The editor relates the results of his planting root vegetables to reduce levels of phosphorus and potassium in his garden soil. Lots of laughs. Singular Beauty: A poem about Isabella Preston's career leading to the creation of the rose 'Carmenetta', composed for The Rosebank Letter by Blaine Marchand. Digging Up Preston's Remains: A summary of the rediscovery of Isabella Preston's roses including new information submitted by Jan Phillips of L'Ange Gardien, Québec. The/Le JOURNAL of/de la NATIONAL-ROSES-CANADA. No. 1 Under a masthead of five native Canadian roses, one representing each region of Canada, is an item titled A Launch: A new publication of the new federation, N-R-C, is launched within TRL. Several items follow which are appropriate for an N-R-C journal. Rosa Up Front: Excerpts appear of the article which was written by André Poliquin for his SRQRS newsletter, Rosa, relating to the new federation. The Peony Connection: The editor tells how the Canadian Peony Society is similar to N-R-C, and how they differ. Both are national and both are pushing back the frontiers of national wholeness. An excerpt appears of an article he wrote for the peony society's newsletter.The Officers Of N-R-C: Short biographies and photos are given of each of the four officers of N-R-C. An organization chart appears to show painlessly how the federation works. More About The Banshee Rose: Further observations appear on this grex and Rosa damascena written by Ms. Phillips. The Eclectic Jungle: A report on the remarkable garden of Rev. John Obeda of London. New Garden Perspectives: At summer solstice, the Wm. Saunders Rose Society made a coach tour of two rose gardens; the Botanical Gardens of the Niagara Parks Commission, and the home gardens of Raymond and Eleanor Hopkins of Stoney Creek. The encounters are reported. Reader Response: Another sample of the editor's mail including a lengthy criticism of the July story entitled Problem Judging submitted by Ted Brown of Maple Ridge, B.C., in which he resigned from N-R-C. E-Mail: Notice of a change in the publisher's cyber address. AARS Selections For 2003: Four new roses have been picked for promotion next year.