• No. 41 (15 Jan 2002) The Year That Was: A review of 2001 featuring a roll-up of all the contributors to the Letter. A Year At Langford: Edward Ozog describes the design and planting of the new Langford Rose Garden near Brantford, Ontario, and provides photos of the owners and some of the digging. The sources of the 525 roses are given. The Smallest Day: A poem reflecting on this solstice and the next. The Clean Hybrids Of Breeding Line #83: Joyce Fleming of Grimsby, Ontario, reports on her work with stock that was released to breeders by Agriculture Canada. She also provides a photo of #83's flower cluster. Request From Dr Svejda: The breeder of the Explorer roses asks for reports of the garden performance of 'Frontenac'. The Rosebank Letter confers its highest mark of acclaim on her for her contribution to rosedom. Request From Gilbert Whittamore: This Markham, Ontario, gardener asks for advice about the use of muriate of potash vs. sulphate of potash. He confirms southern Ontario's open fall with a photo of roses he collected in mid-November. And he makes a poetic observation about the function of roses. Unique Reading: The editor highlights an item in Rose Leavesabout six infections that may be associated with the cultivation of roses. Reader Response: A very long column gives the views of readers on all the topics appearing in the previous issue. This exchange of thinking is what makes subscribers a rose family. Postscript On Soil Sickness: Raymond Hopkins adds two more surprising observations to the report he made in the previous issue about soil sickness. And More About Soil Woes: The editor reviews all the possible causes of grudging rose performance and reports a startling observation Donald Heimbecker made concerning garden practice in England. 2002 -- Roses And Rabbits: This year is the centennial of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Rabbits are unstoppable visitors to the rose garden. Her publisher has a centennial calendar out. Golden Jubilee: Reflections on the reign of our Queen and a rose opportunity. Show Planning Time: A discussion of the history of climbing and rambling roses, best books, the recent reclassification of such roses, and a suggestion on how to describe them now for show shedule purposes. Canadians Should Know: 'Agnes' receives a British honour. Announcement: The new book that arose from The Rosebank Letter's pages had to be redesigned with a spine and made more upscale. The price ofGARDEN DESIGN doubled as a consequence. Availability is reported.