• No. 40 (15 Nov 2001) Growing Roses With A Newfoundland Flair: Cynthia Boyd of St. John's, Newfoundland, tells about the contribution Ross Traverse of Torbay NF has made to rose culture in his province. "Canadian-Bred" Did It!: John Beedle of St. Albert, Alberta, shares why his letter to the Postmaster General in 1999 is credited with influencing the issuance of the rose stamps. Louis Lens 1924-2001: An obituary for the creator of'Pascali'. 'Chloe's Star' -- Incredible Story: Jim Paz (Pazdzierski) relates how he found another sport and how he named this one too after a grandchild. Photos of rose and granddaughter accompany the article. New Roses Out There: William Meagher of Maple Ridge, B.C. lists many new roses available off-shore. The Path To 'Frau Karl': Richard Cartwright of St. Thomas, Ontario, explains why the rose 'Frau Karl Druschki' is really a hybrid tea. Roses North Of 60: Laurentius Tetteroo of Fort Smith, NWT, relates how the climate has changed in the north and what the implications are for roses. Photos: A colour photo of a new use for rose petals contributed by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward of Vancouver will knock your socks off. Also a photo contributed by Frau Hella Brumme of Sangerhausen, Germany, of the Preston rose 'Langford' growing there. And a view of the rambler 'Excelsa' at Rosebank in July. Soil Sickness Does Exist: Raymond Hopkins of Stoney Creek, Ontario, explains why he is now sure there is such a thing as soil sickness. Reader Response: A long column relating the highlights of the editor's communications with readers. Included is a rationale of an editor's responsibilities. Also a tip of the cap to Michael Pascoe who won a prestigious garden design award. Who Makes The Rules Around Here: A review of the changes made to rose classification and the consequences for rose show exhibitors.