• No. 39 (15 Sep 2001) Oh,Those Rose Stamps: An appreciation of the Canada Post action to recognize Canadian roses and a sketch of the hybridizers that created them. Also a nod to the people that created the stamps. Photos to emphasize the hybridizers. Capturing Those Roses: An article by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward of Vancouver on how he came to photograph the selected roses. AG Minister Opens Garden:A report on the ceremony in Ottawa to open the renewed rose garden at the Central Experimental Farm. The Hon. Lyle Vanclief and the Hon. André Ouellette participate. Official Ceremony In Morden:A report on the ceremony to introduce the rose stamps in Morden, Manitoba.George Mander was present and is quoted. Canada Post Makes Mistakes: A report on the ceremony in London, home of the earliest hybridizer. Photos taken at Morden and London and a portrait of 'Canadian White Star'. Reader Response: Everything from a birth announcement to testimonials. Important data from Gene Froc, Saskatchewan, Robert Osborne, New Brunswick, and William A. Grant, California. Space In Floral Design / Autumn Ideas: Eileen Orchard Ouellette of Pointe Claire, Québec, speaks of the importance of the area around and in a floral arrangement. She also has a bunch of good ideas for decorative designs. 'Sombreuil' - Ooops!: The latest Colour Classification Of Garden Roses published by CRS omitted this rose. A gory story is appended. André Eve Visits Canada: André Poliquin of Saint-Bruno, Québec, reports on the life and the recent Montréal visit of the French hybridizer. I Love The Rose I'm Near: Mirabel Osler is quoted to demonstrate how we are sometimes torn between choice of roses. How To Tie: Tips are provided on what material to select to tie up rose canes. Friendship And Roses: A report on the binational rose show and convention held in Toronto in September 2001. Dr. Tom Cairns of the ARS and WFRS was speaker.