• No. 38 (15 Jul 2001) 'Claire Laberge': Joyce Fleming announces the introduction of a new shrub rose that honours the rose horticulturist at the Jardin botanique de Montréal. Peonies And Roses: A report on the recent national peony show at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, the rose scene in the capital and some of the people involved, and the city itself. Publicize Rose Stamps: The issuance of four rose stamps by Canada Post on 1 August is an occasion for publicizing our roses and our hybridizers. Rosarians are encouraged to seek it. A photo appears of the 'Agnes' hybridizer's gggrandson. First Big Annual Victoria Show: The Peninsular Rose Club was one of the participants. Niagara Under Glass: Edward Ozog of Brantford, Ontario, reports on a new player in mini rose propagation following his visit to its Vineland facility. It is a source for Laver roses. Huronia Hosts National Show: Raymond Hopkins of Stoney Creek, Ontario, reports on the show which he attended in Barrie. Pickering Nurseries: A report is given on the current direction of Pickering and some history of its founder. The Roses Of Dropmore -- Part 2: Paul Olsen of Sidney, B.C. continues his article on Frank L. Skinner and concludes with a tribute to this early Manitoba hybridizer. Coming: Paul King is transferring his propagating operation to Bellerose. More to follow. Reader Response: Pieces of mail are selected for sharing. Mention is made of a rose society's visit to the rose gardens of Kitchener (pictures included), and fallout from the March item on the Hortico condition. Revised Edition: A review of the new hardback "Roses for Canadian Gardens" by Osborne and Powning. Pollution And Blackspot: More evidence from English and U.S. sources that pollution rendered blackspot unimportant. Implications are discussed. J.C. Bakker: A report on an important rose propagator in St. Catharines, Ontario. 'Langford': A Case Of Mistaken Identity: Jan Phillips of L'Ange Gardien, Québec, has discovered evidence that the rose labelled 'Langford' at the CEF is something else that can be acquired in commerce. Retired RBG Rosarian Visits: George Pagowski comes to Rosebank with the 'Loyalist' story and compares 'Loyalist' with 'Malden'. Brenda Robinson of Brandon, Manitoba, reports she has found in Saskatchewan a rose fitting the description of the grex, Banshee. Roselink: More wire addresses of subscribers. Friendship And Roses: Latest details of the September 7-9 binational rose convention in Toronto.