• No. 36 (15 Mar 2001) Rose Theologians:What is there about roses that attracts theologians? Several people with a church vocation in Canada, UK, and US have their stories told.
    'Malcolm Scott'

    I Bring You My Rose: A poem. Gordon Lea 1913 - 2001: An obituary for, and tribute to,the greatest rose exponent in Prince Edward Island. Betty Biddulph: The doyenne of roses in Winnipeg is awarded the highest mark of acclaim. My Latest Rose Registrations: Ted Brown of Maple Ridge, BC, tells about eleven of his latest round of registrations, and eight of them are shown in colour photos. Another colour photo shows a vista at Hambleden(home of Bill and Reiko Meagher)now commemorated in one of the roses. MY WAY -- How I Protect Roses In Zone 3 Calgary: Donald Heimbecker explains and diagrams how he carries out winter protection of his tender roses, and shares thoughts on causes of winter losses. A colour photo of his garden is included. Reader Response: A number of responses to Jan Phillips' article on Banshee Roses (previous issue) are provided, including an insightful Email from Dr. Denise Andersson of Sweden. Back To The Future -- A Criterion For A Canadian Rose: Paul Olsen of Sidney, BC, proposes what a distinctive Canadian rose might be. Friendship And Roses: An announcement of a binational rose convention to be sited in Toronto in September 2001. Langford Rose Gardens: Edward Ozog of Langford, Ontario, presents his plans for a rosarium encompassing all Canadian roses and asks for help in locating all that have not been lost. His wire addresses are provided in Roselink. Springwood Phase-out: A report on the intention of Springwood Roses of Caledon East, Ontario, to sell its facilities and property. Rose Supplier's Status: Unconfirmed reports are widespread that Hortico Inc. of Waterdown, Ontario, is receiving help. Difficulties are recounted. 500 Popular Roses For Canadian Gardeners: The book is reviewed by Stephen Elkerton of London, Ontario. Volunteerism: An essay encouraging everyone to contribute their abilities for the enrichment of community.