• No. 34 (15 Nov 2000) The Roses Of Georges Bugnet: Paul G. Olsen of Sidney, BC, gives an account of the life of this man and describes the roses he hybridized. autumn: Blaine Marchand of Ottawa contributes a little poem. Reader Response: Correspondence from Claire Laberge, Felicitas Svejda and several others on topics appearing in the previous issue are shared. Corrigenda: Some ooops get corrected. Roses On The Rock: Joyce Fleming of Grimsby, Ontario, tells of the roses Dr. Wilf Nicholls showed her in Newfoundland at Memorial University's Botanical Garden. A Few More Gardens: The editor describes several gardens he visited in France, Monaco and Italy, including Vaux-le-Vicomte, André Le Notre's first great garden. New Roses For 2001: Rachel Flood of Kitchener presents her fourth annual survey of new roses available to us for our gardening pleasure. November Roses: A shared idea of how to bring pleasure to elderly gardeners. Another Dummy: Watch out for the Canadian edition of the Roses For Dummies. An In Vivo Gift: Stanley Jenkins gives his rose library to a rose society and receives The Rosebank Letter's highest mark of acclaim. Farewell: A tribute to a prime minister who wore a rose. What Might Have Been: A poem about missing opportunities. Those Older Roses: Thoughts arising from correspondence between Paula Martin and William A. Grant of California. A case is made for adopting the term antique roses.