• No. 33 (15 Sep 2000) Gambolling With Genes: Joyce Fleming of Grimsby, Ontario, tells of her hybridizing work. A complete list of her registered cultivars is added, and six of her varieties are pictured in full colour.
    'Roberta Bondar'

    Classic Miniature Roses: Two readers, Brian Porter and Ted Brown, advise on the presence in Sardis, BC, of an established mail order source specializing in miniature roses. Can You Kill With Love?: The editor describes how over a period his gardens became too rich in P and K, and he counsels soil anaysis for established gardens. Mouchotte In Montréal: Jan Phillips who lives near Buckingham, Québec, reports on the Goulding lecture given in Montréal in September 2000 by Jacques Mouchotte, research manager for Meilland International of France. Reader Response: Correspondence from the president of York University et al., concerning the coverage of its June convocation. Rock Belzile comments on the review of his book La Culture Des Rosiers. And Brian Porter tells of Regina's first non-judged rose show. Canadian Explorer Roses: Dr Felicitas Svejda presents a scientific paper overviewing her work on this subject to clarify certain aspects of it. For this occasion, a new feature The Rose Journal is created to suit this type of paper. A. MACKENZIE ROSE: This article tells why this rose name, when rendered in lower-case should be Mackenzie -- not MacKenzie. The Rose Curculio: Brenda Robinson of Brandon, Manitoba, describes this rose pest, and provides a photo of its damage. Une Aventure En France: In July, the editor spent some time with French rose hybridizers, André Eve and Guy Delbard, in Pithivier, France. An account is given and a colour photo is exceptional. Colour Classification: A report is made of the facelift and update Rachel Flood of Kitchener, Ontario, carried out on this CRS publication, and reasons are given why such classification is necessary to underpin any rose show.