• No. 31 (15 May 2000) World Of Roses:Corinne Brown of Maple Ridge, BC, describes the happenings at the 12th World Federation of Rose Societies' convention in Houston, Texas, April 18 to 24, 2000. York To Honour Svejda: Notice is given that Dr Svejda will receive an honorary doctorate on 20 June 2000. ROSEXPO 2000: Notice is given of the rose show to be held in Saint-Lambert, QC, on 24 and 25 June 2000 celebrating the 10th anniversary of the SRQRS. The GGG Rose Garden: Joyce Fleming of Grimsby, Ontario, tells why she will be at the Governor General's Grounds in Ottawa for a private opening of the new rose garden there. Mori Miniatures Parked: An interview with Jim Garrett confirms the closing of this miniature rose supplier in Virgil, Ontario. Bugnet Back In Legal: An Alberta community advertises its famous son. Island Floating Seminar: The PEI Rose Society launched a campaign to attract new members. Gallica Roses -- Soulful Survivors: Lindsay Wilcox of Binbrook, Ontario, describes these roses, their cultivation, and lists his favourites. Can't Grow Roses?: Ralph Bullough of Thunder Bay, Ontario, observes why some roses won't grow in his area. You Can Have Roses: The editor tells where you can buy the book he published. Discovery: Jim Pazdzierski of Surrey, BC, explains how he discovered the sport now introduced in Canada as 'Brittany's Glowing Star' so you will know how to find one too. Photo. Back To GMOs: Drew de Kergommeaux of London, Ontario, adds more to the essay that closed the previous issue. Reader Response: The editor's mail gets interestinger and interestinger. An Open E-mail: Gordon Agar asks how to clone roses, and the editor responds. 'The Queen Elizabeth Rose': Which Queen was this rose named after? The Queen Mum. Observations. Sub Rosa: How to make a substitute for roses in a floral arrangement. Another Rose Encyclopedia: Stephen Elkerton of London, Ontario, reviews Botanica's Roses. Round Three: Dr. Calvin Chong of the University of Guelph relates his experiences and research to enlighten the polarized readership on the nature of spent mushroom compost.