• No. 30 (15 Mar. 2000) Robert Simonet's Roses: Paul Olsen of Sidney, BC, provides a biography of Alberta rose breeder Robert Simonet and describes his most significant cultivars and their progeny in the Explorers. New Product: C-I-L Ultimate (TM), a newly introduced rose food, is described. Dream Roses: Canadian rose hybridizer Jerry Twomey, now working in California, announces four new roses he is introducing in Canada through his family's T&T Seeds of Winnipeg. Widely known rose writer Sean McCann assists in telling the story. Mushroom Compost Revisited: Ted Brown of Maple Ridge, B.C. replies to the previous article on this subject by strongly defending the use of spent mushroom compost. Rose Buff In Prince Albert: A sketch is given on octogenarian William Archibald of P.A., Saskatchewan, who receives The Rosebank Letter's highest mark of acclaim. Creative Ways With English Roses: Eileen Ouellette of Pointe Claire, Québec, tells how to arrange the roses introduced by David Austin for optimum effect. The Unstoppable Maria Rose: The development of rose gardens in the evolution of general garden design is attributed to the Empress Josephine. Her contribution to rose culture at Malmaison is explored. Reader Response: A sampling of messages from the editor's mail, and an appeal for reader input to answer a request from outside the country. Beware The Garden: Paula Martin of St. Thomas, Ontario, describes the danger that lurks in the garden from deadly tetanus. Roselink: More readers communicate their cyberspace addresses. A Vancouver Rose Garden: Notice is paid to the rose garden of reader Janet Wood, which is one of many gardens described in a new book "Gardens Of Vancouver" by Collin Varner and Christine Allen. Violet Roses: The question "where can you find them?" is answered. On Genetic Engineering: An essay explores the pros and cons of genetically modified foodstuffs and the application of such technology to roses.