• No. 29 (15 Jan. 2000) Rejuvenation Of The CEF Rose Garden: Jan Phillips of L'Ange Gardien, Québec, relates how the rose garden at the Central Experimental Farm at Ottawa was restored by the Friends of the Farm and the Farm staff last autumn. It is a National Historic Site. Two Is New: Remarks concerning the arrival of 2000.
    'Brittany's Glowing Star'
    Reader Response: A sampling of messages from the editor's mail, and an acknowledgment of the contributors in 1999. A Bed Of Roses -- Single Roses: Raymond Hopkins of Stoney Creek, Ontario, tells why he tore out the aging foundation planting lining the front of his home, and replanted it with a bed of single ground cover roses. A Canadian In Australia: Gisela Schneider of Abbotsford, BC., writes of her visit to the Centennary of the Victoria Rose Society in Melbourne, Australia. International Rose Events: Three that are coming up. 'Brittany's Glowing Star':An account of how Jim Pazdzierski of Surrey, BC., found a sport of 'Glowing Amber' (one of George Mander's miniature roses) and how the hybridizer registered and introduced the sport.
    Geo. Shewchuk's Magnum Opus: A review of the latest rose book published by Edmonton's own George Shewchuk. But I Love It!: Raymond Hopkins picks out one of his roses and explains why he loves it. The Fragrance Lingers On: A true story of how a boy found his mother's presence while gardening. Mushroom Compost -- Is It Good? A report of interviews with a rose supplier and a mushroom compost supplier concerning allegations by the former that the compost is not good for roses. Fragrance Revealed: Dr. Denise Andersson of Orebro, Sweden, explains how two roses that have been given a bad rap in the fragrance department smell to her. Canadian Judges: News item about three new apprentice judges in Canada. If It's Broken -- Let's Fix It: A report on the results to date from the survey of January 1999 which sought to assess the interest that rose societies in Canada have to federate. A watershed is announced. Roselink: More readers communicate their cyberspace addresses. A Notice is given that the series of articles that appeared in 1998 as Rostudies will be published (slightly modified) as a stand-alone booklet available at cost from Rosecom for bulk use at seminars or for individual general reference.