• No. 28 (15 Nov.'99) How Frank Bennett Promoted 'Agnes': Richard Cartwright of St. Thomas, Ontario, contributes a story of a dentist who became absorbed in horticulture, and developed connections in Ottawa and the USA which led to the ARS awarding 'Agnes' a gold medal. He also reasons that Wm. Saunders did not hybridize 'Agnes' in 1900. Another New Rose Society: The Wm. Saunders Rose Society is founded in SW Ontario. New Roses For 2000: Rachel Flood gives her third annual report of what new roses are out there, and comments on how some of her own grew. One Acre In Maple Ridge: Ted Brown describes the new garden he and his wife, Corinne, have created in that BC community. A photo of one corner is included and photos of seven new rose hybrids he has registered. Reader Response: Another peek at the editor's mail. Russian Address Change: A change of address is given for BC rose supplier Russian Roses For The North. Overlooked Gems: BC garden author Christine Allen describes seven favourite old and not-so-old roses growing at Killara. Garden Design VI: The sixth and last of a series on garden architecture summarizes what marks a formal garden and tells how roses fit in. Heritage Rose Garden: Jan Phillips announces work began on 5 November planting the newly restored historic rose bed on the grounds of the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. Wayward Winter Weather: What happens when warm weather lasts until the end of February, and then drops to -17C for a few weeks? Design A White Christmas: A formula for a floral design using roses. For Better Rose Photos: Donna McQuay of the Huronia Rose Society contributes suggestions on how to improve your rose photography. Comparing Cheque Books: A glimpse into the souls of three rose institutions by way of their spending.