• No. 27 (15 Sep.'99) Robert Erskine: Prairie Rose Maker: Paul Olsen of Sidney, BC, provides a biography of a relatively unknown Albertan rose hybridizer and describes his most significant originations. As well, a tribute to this octogenarian is presented and a colour photo. Rosetown: A colour photo appears showing some of the people that mounted the first rose show of the Saskatchewan Rose Society. 'Langford' Update: Jan Phillips gives a status report on the effort to save this rediscovered rose. The Hybrid Musks: William Meagher of Maple Ridge, BC, contributes a history of these roses and tells which are best known. Roselink: More readers communicate their cyberspace addresses. Garden Design V: The fifth of a series on garden architecture covers the synthesis of formal and landscape garden styles, and speaks of well-known designers such as Jekyll, Lutyens, Sackville-West, and Page. Off The Press: A news item reports that George Shewchuk has published a new book on roses. William Saunders''Agnes': Jan Phillips of L'Ange-Gardien (Buckingham),Québec, questions where and when 'Agnes' was hybridized. Her investigation reveals conflicting evidence. The Saunders' Epic: The editor provides a biography of Wm. Saunders who became the first director of the Canadian Experimental Farms. Included are references to his remarkable family, and photos of Wm. and Agnes Saunders. The evidence indicates that history must be re-written to recognize that Mr Saunders was the first Canadian rose hybridizer. 'Canadian Dream': Ted Brown of Maple Ridge, BC, has been hybridizing roses. Four of his registered floribundas are pictured in colour and described. Reader Response: Another peek at the editor's mail. Rose Hip Jam: A source is given. Screech Owls And Flycatchers: Subscription rates increase because of (1) rising postage and other costs, and (2) value added over past three years (number of pages,colour etc.).