• No. 26 (15 Jul.'99) 'Langford' Rediscovered: Jan Phillips of L'Ange-Gardien, Québec, tells how she found one of Isabella Preston's roses that had remained in virtual oblivion for many years. Saskatchewan Show: The Rosebank Letter attends the new provincial society's first Rose Show in Rosetown. New Vogue In OGRs: A famous old Hybrid Perpetual,'Paul Neyron' (1869) wins the OGR section in one Ontario show. Roselink: More readers give their cyberspace addresses. Reader Response: Many well-known rosarians respond to items in the previous issue. La Roseraie Du Témiscouata: Rock Belzile décrit son nouveau jardin public à Cabano, Québec, et donne une photo en couleur. An abstract appears in English. Garden Design IV: The fourth of a series on garden architecture covers the advent of the English landscape garden. Ladybug Lures: Joyce Fleming reports on experiments she conducted in Grimsby, Ontario. Percy Wright's Roses - Part 2: Paul Olsen of Sidney, BC, continues his detailing of Mr Wright's hybridizing work, and concludes with a summary of his legacy. Own Root Vs Grafts With Shrub Roses: Donald Heimbecker of Calgary tells of his experiences (and unknowingly provides a title for a new feature). Roslave: A poem dedicated to the late Jack Harkness is released for the fifth anniversary of his passing. Open Letter: The actual response to a letter from a subscriber in Alberta is printed to help other novices in selecting grafted or own-root roses. The Ultimate Reference: A review of "Lois Hole's Spring Gardening 1999" booklet. Conformity Vs Individualism: A discourse on the merits and perils of same pertaining to rose nomenclature.