• No. 23 (15 Jan.'99) Garden Design I: The first of a series of essays on garden architecture begins with the leap from Eden to Babylon. Reader Response: Comments from readers on articles that appeared in Nos. 21 and 22. Roses For The Winter Vase: A suggestion for a mass design using rose hips. 1998 Review Of Roses: A four-part report to rose gardeners on the performance of the newest roses as grown in 1998. The four segments are written by contributors Raymond M. Hopkins, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Claire Laberge, Montreal, George W. Shewchuk, Edmonton, and Rieko and William E. Meagher, Maple Ridge, BC. Vincent Page: Passing noted. Renewal At Niagara: Curator Elizabeth Klose describes the new selections used to replace earlier plantings at the Niagara Parks Rose Garden, and the US and Canadian groups that contributed. Remarkable colour photos of the garden and a new hybrid tea, 'Women's Institute', accompany the article. Remembrance: A verse by Hazel F. Greiner is selected from Sylvia Lyzaniwsky's collection. 1999: An overview of all the rose societies in Canada and the outstanding people that make them tick. The article recommends a re-thinking of the present situation wherein local societies have no voting representation in the making of national decisions. It advocates forming a new democratic association that will include all parts of the country in decision making -- by 2000.