• No. 22 (15 Nov.'98) Pallek Nurseries - 40: Two anniversaries at Pallek Nurseries prompt a review of the rose supplier's operation and mention of two new roses hybridized by the owners. BC Phoenix: New investors re-open the failed Hardy Roses For The North under a new name, new management. Promising New Roses: Rachel Flood again contributes a survey of roses recently available for our gardens. Griffith Buck Kept It Going: A biography of an Iowa rose hybridizer with insights of his significance for Canadians. It is accompanied by a colour photo. Lt/Col Grapes Visits Canada: A report on the 1998 Goulding Lecture given by the secretary general of the Royal National Rose Society of the UK. Ladybug, Ladybug: Joyce Fleming contributes an article on all you want to know about our favourite beetles. Consideration, Conscience And Etiquette: A discourse on acceptable conduct at rose shows, and the obligations judges have to exhibitors and their representatives. Reader Response: A charming story by Paula Martin emerges from a reply to a question asked in the previous issue's article "Throwback".