• No. 21 (15 Sep.'98) Twofree: Spring Garden Nurseries in Port Burwell offers the 'Freedom Hedge Rose' hybridized by Jerry Twomey. This is an account of the rose,the company and the man. Hardy Roses In Canada 75 Years Ago: A 1923 Agriculture Canada publication is reviewed by Richard Cartwright for insights into Canadian gardening practices early in this century. Marking Time: Anniversaries in Yukon and PEI. Third Anniversary: The editor asks whether subscribers are well served. 'Buffy Sainte-Marie' The Lady And Her Rose: Guest contributor George Mander tells about his new floribunda and provides photos. Throwback: What causes a white rosebush to produce a pink rose? Major Pruning: All the considerations that go into deciding when to remove old unproductive trunks. Rostudies No.4 - Winterizing Tender Roses: Tips are provided for preparing your roses for winter. Insulate With Seaweed: Constance Ings tells how she washes and dries eelgrass for winter protection of her roses. Hail: One rose gardener got hail every week! Wilted Peduncles: All the maintenance rules had been followed - so what caused the buds to droop over? A mystery is solved.