This is a reverse table of contents of each issue of the bimonthly newsletter.

  • No. 20 (15 Jul.'98) New Direction In Rose Breeding: Agriculture Canada has an agreement with several nurseries to underwrite further rose breeding in Québec. Go Saskatchewan Go!: A new rose society appears in Saskatchewan. Breakthrough For Canadians: The new Canadian Peony Society sets an example for plant societies by having each region of the country represented on its board. Another Hit: Brad Jalbert hits a single with his new rose 'Janet A. Wood'. Niels Hansen: Peripatetic Neighbour: American immigrant's biography told to reveal his legacy to hardy roses. In The Beauty Of The Morning: There has never been more variety available to the rose gardener. Photos show six months of rose bloom. Roses Bloom In Northern N.B.: Guest contributor Suzanne Savoie gives a fetching account of the New Brunswick Botanical Garden. David Coulter: An obituary. Rose Chafers: A description of the pest and recommended antidotes. The Mystery Killer: A tale about container ants. Fungus Among Us: A nonsense poem that isn't all nonsense. Rostudies No.3 -- Late Summer Chores: Tips are offered to new and not so new rose gardeners. The Floure Of The Rose: A poem in medieval English, repeated in the vernacular. Success Turns To Failure: Hardy Roses For The North is no longer in business. Roselink: More addresses for subscribers.
  • No. 19 (15 May '98) Ground Cover Roses: An exploration of the widely different attributes of roses marketed as ground cover, and recommended procumbents for home gardens. Are Austin Roses Winter Hardy?: William Archibald writes that in Prince Albert they are no hardier than hybrid teas. Readers Reflect: Comments from readers on previous articles, and questions answered about shade tolerant roses and cane borers. Valderose Revisited: A profile of Paul King and his new rose supply business in SW Ontario. 'Princess Of Wales': William Meagher shares his experience of this new rose. Akokiniskway: Drew de Kergommeaux contributes a story of how roses influenced his antecedents to settle in the Rosebud Valley, Alberta. Rostudies No.2 -- Taking Care: Help in taking care of roses and tips on enjoying and showing roses are offered to new (and not so new) rose gardeners. Feedback On Sawflies: Christine Allen contributes a letter she received from Linda Gilkison, Ph.D. of the BC Ministry of Environment regarding control of sawflies. Sangerhausen Update: Gisela Schneider relates her impressions of the monumental rose collection at Sangerhausen, Germany, and an overview is given on efforts to endow the garden and its project of making characteristics of 4500 roses available on the Internet for identification purposes. Roselink: The first edition of interested subscriber's telecom and cyberspace addresses is published for subscribers.