This is a reverse table of contents of each issue of the bimonthly newsletter.

  • No. 18 (15 Mar. '98) Our Henry Marshall: a biography and photo of the Canadian hybridizer of the Parkland series of hardy shrub roses. Roses From Childhood: Joyce Fleming remembers her parent's and grandparent's roses. Rose Bowls: Joyce McGee tells all about Victorian rose bowls and provides a picture of some from her collection. The Finest View In England: William Meagher contributes an account of his visit to Blenheim Palace in England,and a photo of its formal rose garden is included. Rostudies No.1 - Planting: Help in choosing and planting roses is offered to new rose gardeners. NU-GRO Corp. Buying Wilson: New ownership takes Wilson Labs public. The Danish System Of Judging: Guest contributor George Shewchuk describes an alternative system of awarding rose competitors. Another Canadian Rose Book: a review of "The Prairie Rose Garden" by Canadian author Jan Mather. "Hardy Trees And Shrubs": new book by Robert Osborne and Beth Powning has a segment on hardy roses. Good-bye Dear Friends: an obituary for Ernest and Ethel Jubien.
  • No. 17 (15 Jan. '98) Collecting Roses In China: guest contributor Campbell Davidson writes of his recent trip to China with a group from USA. Well Done: Phyllis Coulter ends her 16 year stint editing Rose Round-Up. Explorer Inspiration: Hugh Skinner remembers Felicitas Svejda's visit to his father and Robert Simonet, and speculates on the significance for the Explorer rose program. Sawflies: a description and suggested means of control. Appeal In Obscurity: Richard Cartwright describes his collection of roses that were introduced in the early years of this century. Shot Silk And Climbing Shot Silk: a report on questions raised about this rose and its sport. New Year - New Opportunities: an overview of the year past, a review of the need for federation, and an offer of a rose link service.