This is a reverse table of contents of each issue of the bimonthly newsletter.

  • No. 16 (15 Nov. '97) Peter Beales Visits Vancouver:guest contributor Christine Allen reports on the visit and his lecture given to the Vancouver Rose Society. John Cabot's Ghost In La Scie:Eileen Young describes her visit to Newfoundland and her boarding the replica of the explorer's vessel Matthew. The rose named 'John Cabot' is also assessed in a footnote. Make Your Show Reach Out: a case is made for having the theme of rose shows honour significant events elsewhere in Canada, and concrete examples are given. The Early Morden Rose Men: biographies of two rose hybridizers William Godfrey and H. F. Harp. Working With Miniature Roses In Arrangements: Eileen Orchard Ouellette contributes a third article on the decorative art and recommends good miniature roses. November Roses: a poem. Another Encounter With Downy Mildew: guest contributor Aleksandra Szywala tells of her experience with the disease. Did You Know: gives a source for rose hip jelly. Super: a recommendation for Brad Jalbert's new trailing miniature rose 'Super Cascade Coral'.
  • No. 15 (15 Sep. '97) The Gift Of Fragrance: Dion Litavniks explores the subject of fragrance in roses.
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    Book Review: a review of a new book on roses "Tender Roses For Tough Climates" by Canadian author Douglas Green. He Chose Roses: a tribute to octogenarian C. Denis Yeomans. Second Anniversary: a state-of-the-publication message including a poem from a collection assembled by Sylvia Lyzaniwsky. Adelaide Hoodless - The Lady And The Rose: guest contributor Joyce Fleming tells about the founder of the Womens' Institute and the rose named in her honour. Promising New Roses: Rachel Flood contributes a survey of roses recently available and soon available for our gardens. Killer Rains: a case history of how prolonged rains coming before freeze-up can be deadly for roses.