This is a reverse table of contents of each issue of the bimonthly newsletter.

  • No. 12 (15 Mar. '97) Rose Breeding In Canada: To Be Or Not To Be: a discussion of the vexed issue of Plant Breeders' Rights in Canada by guest contributor Joyce Fleming. Climbing Roses For All Our Gardens: a recommendation on three climbing roses - something suitable for any climatic zone in Canada. Wilson Acquires CIL Division: a report on acquisitions, products and history. Reimer Kordes - Harmon Saville: two obituaries. Global Glimpses: a tribute to Esther Geldenhuys and news from several countries. Rose Judges: a critique of judging practices and uneven training.
  • No. 11 (15 Jan. '97) Happy New Year: a look at unusual rose activities slated for 1997. The True Value of a Rose: an insight from the experience of guest contributor Stanley Jenkins. Roses I Would Recommend A Saskatchewan Novice Try For Starters: tips by guest contributor William A. Archibald based on long experience in zone 1. Companion Planting: an article on the editor's choice of plants to mingle with roses. Letters: a response on the subject of rose gall received from Gilbert F. Whittamore. Getting Burned: a warning about rose advice originating with Martha Stewart. Gotcha Mr. Midge: an account of how Donald Heimbecker eliminated rose midge from his roses. New Gems: a report on the latest miniature rose introductions by George Mander. In Search Of Spectacular Shrub Roses: an appeal from Elizabeth Klose for assistance in selecting roses for new display gardens near Niagara Falls. The Past And The Future: an article giving the reason for, and promoting the establishment of, a democratic association of rose organizations across Canada
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