This is a reverse table of contents of each issue of the bimonthly newsletter.

  • No. 10 (15 Nov. '96) Winter Protection for Roses: a summary of winterizing techniques in Canada. Island MD. Tends Roses at 82: a tribute to Dr. Gordon Lea of Charlottetown by guest contributor M. Nelda Coffin. Jean K. Tyler: an obituary. Private Gardens Visited: a report on four private Canadian rose gardens. The Rosebank Letter and the Web: an announcement by guest contributor Gloria Lauris Elkholy on putting The Rosebank Letter on-line. A Puzzling Lapse: Canadian reaction to an article in an Ohio rose publication. The Evolving National Picture: Observations on how two rose events illuminate the national shortcomings of the Canadian Rose Society and how it responds to a wake-up call.
  • No. 9 (15 Sep.'96) Peter Harkness Visits Canada: a report on Peter Harkness' address in Vancouver by guest contributor C. Denis Yeomans. First Anniversary: a statement of The Rosebank Letter's prime purpose and overall aim. Rose Journals In Canada: a survey of periodicals of Canadian rose societies. Rose Growing North Of 60: a case study of how Laurentius Tetteroo grows roses in the Northwest Territories (zone 1). West Meets East: a profile of Brad Jalbert, rose hybridist of Langley, British Columbia. The Most Perfect Bafflegab: a critique of language used to inculcate rose judges.

  • No. 8--EXTRA (15 Aug.'96) The Search For Preston Roses: a confirmation that two of Isabella Preston's rose hybrids remain in commerce. Gall In Roses: a description of rose gall and crown gall and treatment. Rome Is Burning: a wake-up call for the Canadian Rose Society.

  • No. 7 (15 Jul.'96) Record Breaking Event: a report on an unusual national / international rose show in Saint-Lambert, Quebec. Busting Blackspot: an announcement of an agent to use in alternating the fungicidal spraying of roses. Nonagenarian Going Strong: a tribute to Ernest B. Jubien of Montreal. Mark Stockdale: an obituary.
  • No. 6 (15 May'96) Single Roses: an article on the editor's choice of and experience with single roses. Audrey Meiklejohn Honoured: a tribute to a former Toronto resident.
  • No. 5--EXTRA (15 Apr.'96) Walter LeMire Raises Eyebrows: a report on an address given on growing roses based on experience in zones 6 and 7. CRS Stumbles Over Constitution: a report on proceedings at the Canadian Rose Society's Annual General Meeting and announcements.
  • No. 4 (15 Mar.'96) Wild Roses: a review of desirable Canadian native roses.
  • Noteworthy Events--Octogenarian Honoured: a tribute to George Shewchuk of Edmonton. Matching Investment Initiative: an announcement of a new government policy to increase funding of the Morden rose hybridization program.

  • No. 3 (15 Jan.'96) John Alexander Wallace: a biography of a little known Canadian hybridizer. Swedish Rosarian Seeks Rose Contacts In Canada: a profile.
  • No. 2 (15 Nov.'95) Ag Canada Cuts Back Roses: a study of the role of government and private rose hybridization in Canada. Green Cross Line Bought By Monsanto: a report on acquisitions and products.
  • No. 1 (15 Sep.'95) Wilhelm Kordes Visited Canada: a report on his slide lecture in Toronto.