This little book is for someone who is toying with the idea of growing roses. It offers the help needed to make the effort a pleasure. For example, it suggests that you assess how much time you have available to spend on roses. That determines which kind of roses you should choose. It helps you find the best place to plant your roses. It takes you through the steps of planting and caring for your roses, including how to winterize them. And what is quite unusual, it describes how to enjoy your roses.

The book is now in its second edition. It has been updated for jurisdictions that have banned use of fungicides and pesticides. It now provides you with alternative methods of pest and disease control.




The author takes in the fragrance of the roses which won

him the Saint-Lambert Hort. Soc. silver trophy bowl in 1987


The book was published by Rosecom. It is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, flex cover no spine, 17 pages, with 10 colour photos of roses printed on coated stock. It is identified as ISBN 0-9686988-0-8 and two copies are in The National Library in Ottawa. It is priced at CAD or USD $ 8.00. The price covers mailing. To order, please provide your return address and your cheque made out to Rosecom. Mail them to Rosecom, 41 Outer Drive, London, Ontario,Canada N6P 1E1.


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