The first colour cover of Roses-Canada issued as No.11 in March 2004

The 2014 redesign of the cover issued as No. 75 in November 2014





Roses-Canada got its start with Issue No. 5 and a smart new look as well as a brand new publisher. Why did it begin as No. 5? Well, to make its transition from its predecessor The Rosebank Letter, published by Rosecom, it appeared first as an insert in the centre of The Rosebank Letter, and like a baby, grew to term and became familiar to readers before it appeared on its own with a snappy new look. The new publisher, National-Roses-Canada, was newly incorporated in January 2002 and bought the forward rights to the periodical for the princely sum of one dollar. Doug Bradford of Regina created the new masthead, and the new title was streamlined from the more descriptive (but hopelessly pedestrian) The/Le Journal of/de la National-Roses-Canada. The forward leaning title, short, punchy and bursting with energy was an indication of renewal and vitality and spring! The first stand-alone issue was dated 15 March 2003. Harry McGee remained the editor and the subjects covered by the journal remained exactly the same as with its predecessor, The Rosebank Letter. The benefit of the new ownership was in the assurance that if the original owner died, the new journal published by a corporation would go right on feeding the family of rose enthusiasts coast to coast.

The masthead symbolically showed five native roses representing the five main geographic regions to which the new federation gave exactly equal voting power on the board of directors. Think of them as nutkana, acicularis, lucida, blanda and nitida. One of them, acicularis (the floral emblem of Alberta), is graven on the new corporate seal together with five stars, again representing the regions.


Harry McGee edited Roses-Canada until November 2009 when his load as care-giver became too heavy to continue and he asked to retire. He was promptly replaced by Richard Cartwright as editor. Citing health, Mr. Cartwright asked to be replaced as editor following the January 2014 number. We mark his four year contribution with deep thanks.


Unable to find a qualified volunteer replacement, the original editor, Harry McGee, returned to the post. This coincided with a startling announcement by Canada Post of a leap in postal rates. To hold the subscription rate steady, the number of pages was reduced from 16 to 10. At the same time, a makeover was introduced changing the masthead on the cover, and the typefaces throughout. This resulted in a fresh up-to-date appearance ready for the next decade.


Subject indexes for all issues of Roses-Canada are available by going to the website for National-Roses-Canada at www.rosescanada.ca


Each issue is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, folded book form, 16 pages later to 10 pages. It is identified as ISSN 1705-5865 and two copies of each issue are in The National Library in Ottawa. A one year subscription (six issues) is priced at CAD or USD $25.00 including postage to anywhere. To order, please provide your return address and your cheque made out to National-Roses-Canada. Mail them to the National-Roses-Canada head office, 41 Outer Drive, London, Ontario, Canada N6P 1E1. [If bank cheques are not available in your country, the good offices of Western Union have proven effective to transfer funds. In this case, the transfer must be between persons. Transfer the money to Harry McGee, who will forward it to the federation treasurer.]


Individual back issues may be obtained at a cost of CAD or USD $6.00 each following the same procedure.