Itís an easy survey of garden history!   Not many people know how gardens evolved. Did you know what traditions have come down to us as essential features of a garden? Do you know the difference between classic and easy formality? This book will lead you through all that in a relatively brief read. If time is money, it is worth a lot. To illustrate the written word, the 40 page text and covers are loaded with 38 colour photographs taken of gardens all over the world, mostly by the author. They include Canadian gardens.

The Foreword to the book was written by Professor Michael S. Pascoe, Faculty of Landscape Design and Horticulture at Fanshawe College, London, Canada. In it, he said "tomes of garden history are distilled into this simple text, which makes it a light, enjoyable, educational read without sacrificing substance".

There is a two page appendix which lists the author's pick of the best major books published in the preceeding dozen years on garden design and furnishings. These books are longer, more detailed, pricey works which may be consulted for deeper investigation.

This Vancouver garden is enclosed with treillage to create an enchanting

private space. The focus of the garden is simple, the pathways rustic, the

geometry unobtrusive, the planting familiar and fragrant Ė altogether charming.


The book was published by Rosecom, the authorís personal Ontario-registered company. The book is 8Ĺ x11 inches, flex cover with a spine, printed on coated stock. It is identified as ISBN 0-9686988-2-4 and two copies are in The National Library in Ottawa. The price is reduced to CAD or USD $20.00 which includes postage and handling to anywhere. To order, please provide your return address and your cheque made out to Rosecom. Mail them to Rosecom, 41 Outer Drive, London, Ontario, Canada  N6P 1E1.  [If bank cheques are not available in your country, the good offices of Western Union have proven effective to transfer funds. In this case, the transfer must be between persons. Transfer the money to Harry McGee, the author, who will credit it to Rosecom.]


If you are addicted to gardens, you will be enriched by this book as it will help you understand them. Stay tuned for other publications on subsequent pages.